Aqua Cooler is an unglazed ceramic wall modular, using evaporative cooling technique to cool down the temperature.

The summer temperature is rising up these decades. It has become fatal to directly expose to the blazing sun. Global warming boosts air conditioner sales and in return the increased use of air conditioners facilitate climate change. How to decrease the usage of air conditioner has become a design challenge.

Global warming is also a social issue. Vulnerable groups are more reluctant to turn on air conditioners due to the expensive electricity fee. Building up more public cooling spot for public will be a solution to resolve such social inequality issue.

The whole aqua cooler wall system is a passive cooling system. It’s composed of two layers of walls, metal structure and rain collecting roof. The outer wall is used for creating shade, enabling better function of evaporative cooling. Inner wall is for storing water to cool down temperature while slanted roof top design is used for collecting rain-water.


Exhibited in Pratt Show in 2018