Your personal assistant for safe medication Disposal

The reason we worked on this topic is due to an article in Pharmacy Practice News I read. The article pointed out : Ca Rx has a Billion-Dollar Drug Waste Problem! We identified a problem space around safe medication disposal, and we believe that Google  would be an ideal partner for lifecycle to address this problem space and opportunity.


  1. User Interview


Interview 6 users, whom prescribed medication in the last 6 months


5/6 Userssaid they they have been prescribed too much as-needed medication and they have remaining pills leftover. 

3/6Users expressed worry about needing the leftover medication in the future. 

5/6Users stated that they did not know what else to do with leftover pills.

6/6Usersexpressed concern with disposing of medicationand it getting into the wrong hands(children, animals, etc.) or medication disposal having a negative effect on the environment.

6/6Userssaid that they do not know where to findresourcesfor safe medication disposal as well as safe drop off information.

I know there are safe places to throw away medicine, but i’m just not sure where.
— User 2
They told me to take half a pill, but they prescribed 6-8 pills.
— User 3
I want to make sure leftover medication doesn’t get into someone else’s hands.
— User 1
I always directly throw the leftover pills into the trash can. I don’t know the safe way to dispose the medication.
— User 5

2. Competitive Matrix

Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 4.56.53 PM.png

Most of existing competitors or comparators don’t provides single source of medicine waste disposal information.

information for website-06.png


  1. Persona

information for website-02.png

2. Journey Map


3. Problem Statement


Adults with young children often have leftover medications that they are unsure how to manage. Eva feels anxious about keeping unused medications for long periods of time, but guilty about throwing them in the trash.

How might we help Eva ensure that her unused medications are disposed of safely without sacrificing convenience or the environment?


4. Must have feature

lifecycle brainstorm.jpg


  1. Low - fidelity Wireframe

lifecycle wireframe.jpg

Design Studio

After we identifying must have features, we did 4-5 rounds of design studio. In the process of design studios, we always tried to think of the needs and pain points of the persona and also the problem statement in order to make sure we didn’t lose the direction while brainstorming.


2. Mid-Fidelity Wireframe



Simple and straightforward design to help users find out how and where to safely dispose the medication.

mid fi picture 2.png
midfi picture1.png

Map & Locator Feature

Google Maps API incorporated with our server side database to identify locations where it is safe to dispose of the medication in question.


Usability Testing



Users understood the purpose of the site (3/3), 
But were not certain why they should find a drop-off location over simply throwing their medication away. (3/3)


Simplicity is critical, but we need to include the “Why.” Without context, people don’t directly think about the effects of their medical waste.


Create an onboarding experience that helps convey context as well as provides an emotional connection.

It’s very clean and straightforward
— User 2

3. High - Fidelity Wireframe

onboarding environment tablet wireframe.png


Providing detailed information about how to safely dispose of the medication on both the splash page and home page.

Emotionally engage our users with the importance of safe disposal.

Search Engine

Search engine on the hero image directly guides the users to find out how and where to dispose their medication. Users can also scroll down to see more information about why safe disposal is important and directly go to safe locator page to see whether they can dispose the medication from safe locator page.

home screen tablet wireframe.jpg
pill screen tablet wireframe.png

Safe disposal Locator

Shows users the function and expiration duration of the medication to help users decide whether to keep the medication. Lists the nearest safe disposal locators for users to know where to dispose.


Usability Test


4/4 users had a pleasant and calming experiencebrowsing the website 

4/4 users believe lifecycle helped raised awareness in safe medication disposal

3/4 users found the navigation intuitive and self-explanatory


Next Step

  • Event Calendar for safe drug take back days.

  • Point systemand redemption / discounts at pharmacies to incentives safe drop-offs.

  • Consolidated Information from EPA, FDA websites - use card sorting to restructure intuitively.

  • Collaborate with Adhere Tech’s Smart Wireless Pill bottle to keep track of medication intake.